Getting a BJ saved my business!

Lying in bed, sweaty, squirming, writhing. Can you feel it?

Every entrepreneur has had one. One of those long dark, sleepless nights where you have absolutely no idea where the money is going to come from for this month’s bills. It’s the conundrum of every bootstrapping startup.

But! There is another way.

A BJ! No, not that kind of BJ. I mean a Bridge Job! Personally, I struggled with this one for a while. A couple of years ago I quit my job to follow my passion and swore that I would never work for anyone else again.

Fast forward two years later, my business was growing but I was still struggling month to month, I was paying my bills, and keeping myself fed, but I rarely had any money to put back into the business. This can be a big problem.

I’ve always been a leap before I look kinda guy, but winging it just wasn’t serving the growth of my business.

Are you winging it in your business?

As I was saying, I was so proud of being an entrepreneur that I wouldn’t seek out the help I seriously needed. You know what they say.

Pride comes before the fall!

Finally, after one last sleepless night, I decided to swallow my pride and make a few phone calls the next day.

The first phone call I made to an old friend/employer, who happily responded to my sheepish request and said they needed a little part time summer help.

Phew! I was “saved.”

Turns out, that was one of the more enjoyable and prosperous summers that I have had in a long time! It was great to get out in the community and network, polish up on my social skills and make a little cash in the process. I emphasize the word little, because it was a ridiculous scenario. At home, on my laptop, I could bill anywhere between $34 & $50 an hour for my services. At my little day-job I was averaging about $12! So not only was it putting a little cash in my pocket, it was pissing me off that I had the opportunity to make so much more right from my computer.

Truth is, I had a silly mental block or fear around:

  1. Asking for more money from my current clients.
  2. Taking on more business.

We all have mental blocks and blind spots in our businesses that is why it is imperative that we get just as good at asking for help as we do at managing our books and creating products and services.

I was too proud to ask for help and it cost me dearly. It was only when I humbled myself and made a request that I opened the door for assistance.

As entrepreneurs we must be resourceful.

There is no such thing as a lack of resources, only a lack of resourcefulness. ~Tony Robbins

Are you struggling in your business?

Maybe you are thinking about starting a business? Don’t be afraid to get one or more part time jobs to help make ends meet and keep yourself fed. I strongly suggest for at least the first two years, all of the money you make with your business goes right back into your business.

By reinvestment into your business, I mean consistent education, marketing consultation, networking, building a kick-ass website that actually gets traffic and all of the other things that will take you from mediocre struggling start-up to a polished and profitable dog and pony show.

Hey, If you’re going you play the game, you might was well play to win right?

If you are struggling in your business, or you are thinking about starting a business, I want to hear from you. Small businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy.  It is my goal to help start 1000 new successful businesses over the next 12 months. Let my experience and struggle be your benefit and profit! Now is the time to take action, get clear and get on with building a life and business worth waking up for!

This article was inspired by the brilliant and talented Marie Forleo.

Kyle is a business strategist and web developer who has a passion for helping others create powerful startups through clear planning and proven strategy. To find out more about Kyle and his mission to help start 1,000 new small businesses in the next 12 months visit his website:

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