Saturn Returns! Are you experiencing a 1/3 life crisis?

Saturn Returns! Are you experiencing a 1/3 life crisis?

Are You Experiencing a Saturn Return?

Saturn Returns!“UGH! Everything feels like it’s falling apart!

I’m not happy anymore, I don’t like my life and I want something MORE!

But what do I want?

And can I even HAVE what I want? Why does everything feel so UNSETTLING?”

Sound familiar? 

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re probably feeling like you’re in the midst of a storm, at a crossroads in your life — you don’t know which way to go and are afraid of leaving the comfort of where you’ve been, even though you feel pushed to change.

Anxiety is settling in your stomach, and you feel like something is missing. There’s a pull inside you, yearning for MORE. All of the sudden, things don’t feel as fulfilling – your job, your relationships, your day to day activities. You feel stuck in unfulfilling work, and you don’t know how to change it, or what kind of change you even want.

What is this feeling?

It’s called a Saturn Return – and it affects everyone.  According to some, every 27-30 years in a person’s life, there is a shift – a desire to re-evaluate and shift direction towards inner fulfillment. Things seem to fall apart (so they can fall into place) and things that are no longer in alignment with who you are begin to fall away. Relationships that are no longer working end, careers change, sometimes the entire direction of your life can change.

Why are you having it?

This phenomenon is so universal that celebrities like Drew Barrymore have admitted openly to experiencing it, and Gwen Stefani of No Doubt sings about it on her album “Return of Saturn.” Even R.E.M. wrote a song about the phenomenon.

The name Saturn Return comes from the astrological idea that every 27-30 years, Saturn “returns” to the place in your chart where it was present when you were born – thus completing its own cycle around the sun.

What can you do about it?

In our first experience of a Saturn Return, between the ages of 27 and 30, we are pushed toward abandoning the experience of working/living/existing “just because” and moved into a new experience of purpose, fulfillment and contribution as we realize our powerful ability to create what we want in our lives, standing in our power and beginning to identify with the term “adult”.

Transitioning from adolescent to “adult” can seem daunting and frightening. The truth is, the fear we experience around this transitional time is simply an indicator of the excitement of change into something that feels better and is more in alignment with who we really are. Fear is simply excitement without breath, and transforming this energy can make the difference between feeling stuck and being liberated.

When things feel like they are falling apart and you’re standing still in a tornado of uncertainty, it can be difficult to get clear about what you really want to create in the next 30-year cycle of your life, and even more scary to think about what is really possible.

Dare to dream!

When you allow yourself to see the possibilities in your life, and you visualize what you truly want, you step into your power and get in alignment with the true force that will allow you to create exactly what you want in your life.

You dream for a reason!

Imagine having the job or career that you DREAM of. Imagine your perfect partner – a relationship filled with love, joy and excitement. Imagine your life full of abundance, joy and ease, waking up every day knowing you are living your purpose while experiencing inner fulfillment. All of this IS possible, and now is the BEST time to realize that you have the power to create those experiences in your life.

As someone who has recently transitioned through my own Saturn Return, I can understand and empathize with the fear that comes with it. My life has transformed dramatically over the past several years, and as I re-evaluated what I really want in my life and what I’m really here to do, I began to create a life of complete fulfillment, and am now helping others realize their own potential, purpose, passions and possibilities.

Are you ready to transform your life?

Have you thought about what it would be like if you could free yourself from your limting beliefs?

What if you could start the business you’ve always dreamed of?

Maybe you’ve wanted to travel the world or just break free from your dead end 9-5?

All of this is possible!

It all starts with your thinking!

They say that what you think creates your beliefs and what you believe creates your actions and of course your actions create your life.   So, the fastest way to change your life is to start with your thinking.

This can be challenging because we are always “inside of our own head.”  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if what we are thinking is helping us, or keeping us down.

Sometimes having a friend or a caring person to listen to and give you honest feedback can dramatically accelerate your ability create the life you’ve always wanted.

Your “Saturn Return” is a catalyst – a jumping point for your journey into a new world or a new life – a world that YOU create.

You see, about five years go, I left the comfort of my friends, family and a high paying job to venture into the unkown, my spirit was calling me to something greater.   As it usually goes, I had no idea why I was going, I just know that I had to.  Finally, 2,500 miles later I settled into a little place called San Diego California.  The beautiful sunsets and weather aside, I met a community of people here who are living lives that just a few years ago, I wouldn’t have believed possible.

I like to call them the “New Rich.”

Too often in our society our wealth is measured by money alone.  Don’t get me wrong, money is often an important part of a wealthy life, but I realized truly being Rich is so much more.

The lessons I learned from this community have been nothing short of incredible. They taught me not only how to make money doing what I love, but how to live life on my terms and have relationships that are more amazing than I previously thought was possible.

Growing up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania, I didn’t have access to this unique way of life, but now with the power of technology, I have dedicated myself to sharing what I call “The Secrets of the New Rich” to anyone who wants to learn.

That is why I created the “New Rich” video library.  In the library you will find great videos and guides on how you can unlock the secrets of the new rich in your life.  Trust me, if  a small town Pennsylvania farm boy can do it, You can too!  

The best thing you can do next is to head over to the library and get started today!


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  1. Diana

    What a great post, what stood out for me was at the age of 30 was when I found my purpose and realization of who I really was. makes perfect sense now 🙂 Looking forward to reading more great articles!

    1. Kyle

      Thanks Diana. So refreshing to finally KNOW! right?

  2. Lisa Darling

    Thank you Matthew! I am ready to transform my life and I am ready to learn more from you! 🙂 So much of your article resonated with my highest self and heart. Your experience and empathy make you so knowledgeable and empathetic! Awesome! <3

  3. Mia Davies

    Thank you for sharing this…I don’t believe in this however, I know that God is doing amazing things in my life now and I’m happy for how He is transforming my life.

  4. Sylvia Tarnuzzer

    This is great information. I believe I’ve had a few of these “Saturn Returns”. 🙂

  5. Cindy

    Interesting post, will have to look further into it.. I am not in either of these age fields but
    do have much going on in my life that is causing restlessness..
    Thanks for bringing this to my awareness.

  6. Liz Jones

    I’m not there yet… But interest topic…

  7. PJ Moore


    This article is very interesting. I am open to all possibilities and looking back over my life, I experienced a major awakening and life change when I was 23 and now I am going through another overhaul in my life. I would say the information you have presented is approximately in line with the the next 1/3 of my life.

    Great article! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Judy Garey

    This is the first time I heard of this. My awakening moment started when I was 32 and life has been awesome every since. 🙂

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