Cannabis Chronicles Part 2

Cannabis Chronicles Part 2

When I first began using cannabis we would just take a hit from a bong, watch funny YouTube videos, and walk around my neighborhood laughing and enjoying the effects. The effects for me were as follows:

Heightened sensory acuity

-Deep present moment awareness

-Time slowing down

-Powerful feelings of empathy

-Universal perspective

-Strong yearning to uncover life’s mysteries

It’s as if my world got flipped upside down! My life would never be the same.


This lead to some big breakthroughs in my personal life, and left me wanting more from life. I realized that I had been drifting through life consuming, and I had a desire to create and make the world a better place. At first this was merely a conceptual idea and I took no major action towards shifting my reality.

After about 6 months of using it in this manner I started writing and reading on topics that interested me with the purpose of uncovering things that my sober, conscious, mind would normally bypass. I realized that I had thoughts and desires that, in the past, I thought were silly or insignificant. These “ah-ha” moments opened up possibilities in my life and beckoned me to think bigger.

After I opened my world to new possibilities, the Universe started bringing people and experiences onto my journey that both excited, and challenged me. It was almost as if it broke down a layer of my mind that held me back because of fear. I started trying new activities:

-Dancing in front of people
-Playing musical instruments
-Talking about deep topics to people I hardly knew
– Eating foods that I previous “disliked”

These excursions outside my comfort zone were the exact catalyst I needed to start playing a BIGGER role in my own life, and truly own my status as a creator. This is the shift that helped me go from being a consumer to a creator, and that has made ALL the difference.

Within a year I had committed my life to serving others, and I was determined to gain the skills and experience needed to dramatically impact the lives of those along my journey.

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