The Ayahuasca Experiment Part 2 of 3:

A typical Ayahuasca brew, made from a combination of natural plants sources typically found in South America. Photo credit Wikipedia.

The hours leading up to our journey into the unknown helped set the stage for an amazing experience. (continued from Part 1)

We practiced yoga, did breath-work and meditation, and got to know some amazing new people. Our group was small; there were only 12 of us. I’m not sure I realized it at the time, but the impact from this night would be huge.

Before taking the medicine, they ask you, on a scale from 1 to 10, how deep you want to go. Of course my inner child wanted to do a 10! My practical adult voiced a 2 or 3, and I ended up going with a 7.

I felt like I was strapping myself onto a rocket
preparing to blast off into outer space!

We all have expectations (whether we want to admit them or not) when we go into an event. Since this was something I had never experienced before, I only had the words of others to form my expectations. Some said they waited hours and experienced nothing, while others felt the effects within 20 minutes. Some had amazing feelings of connection to life, and beautiful visualizations, while others vomited and felt scared and vulnerable.

What would happen next?

While I held the cup of ayahuasca in my hand, I set the intention that I would surrender and allow whatever experience awaited me. I believe that everything happens to our maximum advantage, so whatever was about to take place would help me grow and expand along my life journey.

The 12 of us set up our own cozy space in a large room and got ready for our own individual experience to take place. We were instructed not to interfere with others, and be sure to ask before physically touching anyone since everyone would be having their own unique experience.

The next 3 hours took me on
the wildest ride of my life!

Within 15 minutes of ingesting the medicine I felt a strong tingling feeling throughout my entire body. For the next 2 hours I went on a journey unlike anything I had experienced before outside of maybe my dreams!

The colors, the feelings, the sounds; they were all so rich and vivacious.  One minute I was experiencing the pain of the earth, and all those who are suffering, and just minutes later I had the biggest belly laugh of my entire life realizing how beautiful our world is and how amazing all the people on it are! Never before had I felt the depths of these beautiful emotions: Happy. Sad. Excitement. Fear. I realized that no matter what emotion I am feeling I have the power to shift it. By merely shifting my thoughts, and visualizing something different, I could completely shift my physiology!

Time disappeared!

Moment after fleeting moment I enjoyed the roller coaster of sensations throughout my body; It was though time actually didn’t exist. I had lots of breakthroughs during my ceremony, but I want to share two particularly powerful ones with you.

The first realization came when it felt like my skin had evaporated and my energy was merely a part of the larger energetic field. I felt connected with every single person in the room, with the earth, with everything. It was amazing. Never in my life have I felt love that strong to every single person on the planet, as well as the ants and bugs. My love felt omnipresent, and my connection to God, source, the Universe, or whatever other label you want to put on it, was absolute.

The second realization came when I was able to transmute images in my mind instantaneously. At one point my vivid pictures turned evil; they looked like a combination of skulls and death. In this moment I realized, that I was creating that image, and that I have the power to change it. I automatically thought of love and beauty and was able to morph the visual into something stunningly beautiful! I played with this for a minute, flipping thoughts and morphing one visual into another when I realized; I am a creator!  Never in my life did I think of myself as a creative or artsy person, but I realized that we are all creators! This simple shift in thinking, opened up the possibility for me to CREATE something in my life by allowing me to believe that I am creative…

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