Video: Change your Frame, Change your Life!

“There is nothing either good or bad.  Only thinking makes it so.”

Is framing the key to a happy life?

Could this famous quote from Shakespeare actually be the key to a happy and successful life?

Find out in this week’s Podcast Video (keep reading)

“Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to what happens to you.”

Is there something “out there” in your life that is keeping you from achieving your dreams?

Is it your family?

Maybe its your lack of “education?”

Maybe if your boss would give you a raise you could save up enough money and get out of that place you despise?

It’s a radical thought to think that everything in your life IS YOUR FAULT and it IS YOUR CREATION?    But is it really true?

Sure, the town you were born in, and the parents who raised you… that wasn’t your choice, was it?

It’s not your fault that your boss is an ego maniac, cheapskate that doesn’t appreciate the work that you do, right?

These things might not be your fault, they are 110% guaranteed, without question,  100% your problem!

So, you see all of these problems in your life that you want to change.  All of these problems combined into one big problem that leads up to a big problematic life, and a world that is always out to drag you down and keep you there.

Does this sound like someone you know?

Truth is, that person was me.

I reached a point in my life where things were so bad and so uncomfortable that I could hardly stand to be in my own skin.  It seemed like everyone was out to get me, to challenge me, to make me look stupid.

Looking back I can see how silly it was, and how I could easily change my life.  For some reason I decided to let it take me five years to change, but I realize that one little secret made all the difference in helping me create a better life for myself.

That little secret is called re-framing your situation.

Jeesh… that doesn’t very sound magical, or awesome, does it?

But it’s the true!

Looking back at myself five years ago, I can see that I was beginning to build a determination to create a better life for myself. I wanted a better life. I wanted it bad.  The thing is, I wasn’t doing very much about it….except for maybe annoying all my friends and family talking about it.

The me that I was five years ago wasn’t very pro-active.  I would have to be in some sort of discomfort to even move at all.  For me and my life… Things had to get bad in order to get me to move!

Now I can happily say: “Thank god my life was so terrible or else I would have never reached out for more!”

What is terrible about your life?  Can you see the blessing it contains?   If you can’t right now, don’t worry. In time you will.

What does it take to change your life?

As I have gotten a little better at this game called life, I can see challenges coming, and I’m beginning to re-program myself and say: “Wow, this was unexpected,  I wonder what blessings and benefits this has in store for me?”

To make a long story a little bit longer,  Everyone has challenges, but not everyone has problems.  The happy, healthy, wealthy people I have come to know and love rarely have “problems” (myself included.)  Not because things don’t come up, but we have an ability to re-frame our “problems” and see them as challenges and as fuel for growth and expansion.

In this week’s podcast posted below, Matt and Kyle talk about some challenges that they’ve had in business and provide some skills and tools on how to overcome them and benefit from them.

If you are ready to eliminate the problems in your life, you must first see them as friends and as fuel for growth that are actually there for your growth and benefit.

Listen to this week’s Podcast to get the low-down on becoming a pro at handling life’s “problems.”

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