Harnessing the Power of Choice

From age 13 to 19, I was a full time motocross racer. I traveled the country, trained all year and took a chance at fulfilling my dream of becoming a world champion.

As I sat there, hunched over, waiting for them to call my name, I thought to myself “I’ll probably never race again.” I shuddered as the realization that everything I had known and worked for the past 6 years was coming to an abrupt end.

Sadness began to sink in. I didn’t know it at the time, but that would be my last race and a huge pivot point in my life. That was over 10 years ago, and looking back now, that injury helped shape the way my life would unfold.

I wouldn’t go on to become a professional motocross star like I had dreamed since I was 13 years old; the Universe had bigger plans for me. In these moments, that are sometimes seemingly out of our control, we have a choice. We can fight or surrender. In my life I have done both, and it is up to us to decide which one feels right in that moment.

My girlfriend Angie and I celebrating my 30th birthday. For many, the big 3 – 0 represents a big pivot point.
  1. Deciding to race motocross at age 13

  2. Deciding to give up motocross at age 19

  3. Deciding to move to San Diego at age 22

  4. Deciding to become a life coach at age 28

Everyday we are faced with small pivot points such as the food we eat, who we associate with, and what we do with our time. These pivot points can ultimately have as much of an impact as the larger ones we face (especially when multiplied thousands of times), and should not be discounted. However, it is the larger ones that can shift our reality in an instant. If we choose to eat at In-N-Out burger one time instead of a healthy alternative, that probably won’t change our life much.

But when faced with a life changing opportunity- such as quitting your job to follow your passion- we create a possibility strong enough to forever shift our journey. These are the moments where it is imperative that we follow our intuition and step into our Best Self.

Looking back at the crucial pivot points of my life, I notice three things that were present every time:

  1. Fear of change

  2. Excitement for something new

  3. A voice that told me to go for it

When I was only 13, I remember being fearful for my safety (motocross is an extremely dangerous sport), yet excited to step into a new challenge. I listened to that voice that told me to go for it.

When I got injured at 19, I was afraid that I didn’t have the skills needed to be successful outside of racing dirtbikes, but I was excited to finally make money and be independent from my parents.

Fortunately, I listened to that voice that said go for it.

Fast forward three years when I was 22 and burnt out from working 60 hours a week, but I still feared quitting my high paying job and moving across the country to experience something new. Thankfully I listened to that voice yet again that told me everything would work out.

And, once more when I decided to use my transformational experiences to help others by becoming a life coach, I had BIG fears that I wasn’t good enough to be successful. However, the excitement and passion for my mission was strong enough to allow me to step in and listen to that voice that told me this is what I was born to do.

Taking the leap to move to California and become a life coach was another scary, but rewarding pivot point in my life. When I made it to California I watched the sunset every day for a month!

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?


  1. Feel a pivot point coming
  2. Be still and consult your intuition
  3. Take action with courage
  4. Savor the results, regardless of the outcome!

But don’t forget this secret ingredient:

Repeat after me: Everything in my life, good or bad, happens to my maximum advantage.

Let me say that again, cause it’s THAT important: EVERYTHING, no matter how it may look in the moment, happens to our maximum advantage. Having this belief allows me to pull the lessons from seemingly “bad” choices, and celebrate when things turn out awesome. Either way, it helps to trust, and have faith that no matter which road we take, no matter which decision we make, it will be EXACTLY what we need.

The times when something unexpected happens, and it looks like an awful situation, those are the times I experience the most growth. The times when everything lines up perfectly and it goes better than I could have ever planned, that’s what gives me the confidence to step in and take action the next time I am scared.

There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.” ~Tony Robbins

When you take failure off the table, it gives us permission to dive in, learn our lessons, and come out stronger. This strength is what separates us from those who are unwilling to take on their fear and settle for lives of quiet desperation. And make no mistake about it, we all have fear. What you chose to do with that fear is what will make the difference in your life.

Most men lead quiet lives of desperation” ~Thoreau

So, the next time you are faced with a pivot point in your life, remember:

  • Acknowledge the fear
  • Feel into the excitement
  • and listen to your intuition.

When you make choices from this space, you can have faith knowing that whatever you choose will work to your maximum advantage.

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  1. Tandy Elisala

    Great post. I agree 1000%. To get where we want to be and beyond, we must change what we are doing today to get there. That means stretching outside our comfort zone and kicking fear in the ass.

  2. Judy Garey

    I so agree Matthew! We all have a choice and the power to decide and manifest what we want in our lives. We have a choice in how we choose to perceive things and I choose to always see the good in everything. Having this belief has served me in totally transforming my life. 🙂

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