Are you living as your “Best Self?” Here’s how!

Top 5 signs you are living as your best self

First let’s clarify the concept of your “best self.”  

It is my belief that within all of us is a fully expressed, loving, connected version of ourself. Throughout our life we have experienced this from time to time; maybe it was winning a sporting event, maybe it was saying goodbye to a loved one or maybe it came in a moment of silence sitting at your favorite spot, all alone, when you least expected it. Whenever it occurred, you knew it. It was as if the world slowed down, everything became clearer, you felt connected and completely present. This is what athletes and performers call “being in the flow.”
This force (Maybe Star Wars was onto something) inside of every one of us is available in our everyday life, we just need to foster the right environment for it to thrive!

Getting in touch with your best self is not difficult, but it does take time to build your “best self muscles,” just like any other muscles or habits.

Use these 5 tactics to get in touch with your BEST SELF and become a better version of yourself every single day.

1. Embrace Change: The only constant in life is change. EVERYTHING is ALWAYS changing. If we are rigid and unable to adapt, especially in today’s society where everything is speeding up, we will struggle. We will fall behind. It is our natural expression to embrace change (think of how our physical body is constantly changing), but in our mind we have to choose to want to do it. And not only choose, but BELIEVE it is possible. Belief plus action will get us started on the path to embracing change and realizing our full potential.

2. Silver Lining: What if everything happened to your maximum advantage? If we believe that every single event in our lives happens for a reason, then we can filter through the negative and focus on the positive. What we focus on expands, so we might as well expand the good stuff! Focus on whatever makes you fulfilled. This will lead you on a path to expressing your highest self.

3. Help!?: Asking someone for help is for the brave. Putting yourself out there and saying “I’m not good enough yet, please help me” is extremely courageous and one of the fastest ways towards super-growth. Being vulnerable and opening ourselves up for judgment is one of the best, and fastest, ways to grow and step into our highest self. Only the foolish think they can do everything alone.

It’s about quality over quantity though. I would rather have the world’s leading expert coach me through something then talk to 5 people with less knowledge. I have had a coach for the past 2 years and it has supercharged my life in ways I didn’t even know were possible! A great coach is merely a mirror for us to see ourselves more clearly. The answers more often than not, come from within.

4. How May I Serve You?: When we are living in our highest potential and authentically expressing ourselves we are always serving others. Whether it be performing, teaching, healing or whatever, we are doing someone else a service. And to be really good at it we connect and actually CARE about our customer, like a friend. Our best self always asks, “how could I serve my friends (customers) better?” Bottom line, if we are not serving others in some capacity, we’re not going to be able to be our full and best selves.

5. Unconditional Love: Being able to connect with someone deep enough to have unconditional love is a pretty special thing. Our current society typically reserves unconditional love to family, lovers, and close friends, and It’s my mission to expand it to EVERYONE. Imagine if no one judged one another, and completely accepted people for who they are and how they are being.

This need to conform so that others won’t judge us is stifling us from reaching our highest potential! I know, loving EVERYONE unconditionally sounds like a crazy notion, and you’re right, it is. What we CAN do today is to start loving OURSELVES: completely, wholly, and unconditionally. If we can do that, it would create a HUGE shift on how we act towards each other. How are we supposed to love others unconditionally when we can’t love ourselves unconditionally?! It sounds silly saying it, but we have to love ourselves first.

Conclusion: It is natural part of our human nature to want to be better. To expand and become a better person each day takes conscious practice. There will be times when it happens easily and effortlessly; there are other times it seems as though you’ve hit a plateau. Keep moving forward, stay in action and refer to the 5 tips above to help you along your journey! If you are stuck and would like clarity please sign up for a free breakthrough session.


Matt Ritchey,  author of this article is a life coach and founder of  Matt has dedicated his professional life to inspiring and uplifting others to achieve their full potential. To find out more about Matt’s life breakthrough services Click Here.




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