30 Things by Age 30

Thirty, the age most women dread.

“Twenty nine and holding” they say. Well maybe it’s because I am a man, or maybe it’s because I believe that age really is just a number, but I am excited! Every year I have spent on this earth has been better than the previous. I meet more great people, have deeper experiences, and feel more connected to who I am.

With that said, there have definitely been some rough spots, setbacks, and times of doubt. I didn’t always live with intention, love myself, or CHOOSE my life path, but I have always been a lover of life. Something deep within me -probably my intuition- has always whispered “keep going, you got this.”

Everything I have learned has been taken from either an experience I have had, a conversation with someone, or listening to that voice deep within.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has shared my journey the past thirty years; from the random strangers on planes, to my closest friends and family, you have ALL taught me something.

30 lessons learned, by Matthew T. Ritchey
Matt Ritchey, founder of The Blue Spoke has dedicated his professional life to helping others achieve their goals and live a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

Here are 30 things (in no particular order) I have learned…

  1. The faster I forgive, the happier I am
  2. Experiencing someone else’s perspective is the quickest way to shift my own
  3. Love is the strongest force in the world
  4. The more I give, the more I receive
  5. Developing excellent communication skills is paramount
  6. Keep learning!
  7. Take action on what I learn. Less talk, more action.
  8. Stepping out of my comfort zone produces amazing results!
  9. Everyone has their own unique truth…find it!
  10. Let myself fall in love with life and everyone I meet along my journey
  11. Never compare my journey to someone else’s
  12. Be vulnerable
  13. Listen to my heart more than my head
  14. Meditation has shifted my life more than anything else
  15. Surround myself with supportive, positive people who push me to be my best
  16. Find people who have something I want and study them
  17. Be present, NOW is all that exists
  18. Be compassionate towards others
  19. Love myself FIRST
  20. Cultivate an unstoppable mindset
  21. We all have a ceiling, push through it and expand
  22. Awareness is the first step to change
  23. Give unconditionally
  24. Pay it forward
  25. Spend 99% of time in the present moment; the other 1% is for reflection and goal setting
  26. I regret the things I didn’t do WAY more than the things I did. Do it!
  27. Have an unshakable belief in SELF
  28. Have FUN. In the end you’ll be happy you did.
  29. Happiness is a choice. Choose to be happy now, don’t wait on external circumstances!
  30. Failure doesn’t exist unless I quit. Don’t stop, keep going.


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