Video: The Power of Transforming Ideas into Reality

Video: The Power of Transforming Ideas into Reality

Transforming your ideas into reality…


Do you wish you possessed the power of transforming your ideas into reality?  I mean the biggest, juiciest most exciting, life changing ideas?

It’s been often said, even the best idea in the world is powerless without taking action and transforming that idea into reality. In this video I talk about the concept of transforming your ideas into reality through action and embodiment.



Hey what’s going on, my friends? It’s Matt Ritchey here and I just wanted to share a little breakthrough I had couple of weeks ago, that I’ve really been meaning to share with everyone.

That breakthrough is about truly going from conceptual to being.

I’ve learned so many things on my journey that I couldn’t possibly put them all into action. But, when it really comes down to it my dreams are only real if it’s her in the real world.

If it’s in your head, if it’s in your mind only and that’s the only place it exists – then it doesn’t exist.

The sooner I started putting things from conceptually knowing them in my mind to out there in the real world – that’s when real change started happening, that’s when transformation began to transform my life.

This is the most powerful thing, that I’ve learned, because there are so many great tools out there and I learned so many great things, but just to know them and put them in your head – it’s not enough. We have to be out there living it, doing it every single day. And as soon as you do that you will be experience real change.

So, I am excited for you guys to maybe take this tip, employ it to something you’ve learned in the last day, week, month, year, whatever it is and see how it changes your life.

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