The Ayahuasca Experiment Part 1 of 3:

Artistic Interpretation of an “Ayahuasca experience.” By Alex Grey

For the last 60 plus years…

western culture has been experimenting with Ayahuasca and it’s psychoactive ingredient, DMT, which is a chemical that is naturally found in plants and is actually produced in our own bodies.

Essentially Ayahuasca, is a combination of specific plants that when prepared properly act as a delivery vehicle for DMT. Research is ongoing, but organizations such as MAPS have done studies on the effects, and also found a high success rate of healing drug addicts with DMT/Ayahuasca.

If you know me at all then you’ll know that I absolutely LOVE having new and unique experiences. Anything from getting on stage to do spoken word, traveling and meeting new people, to adrenaline pumping activities!

So when you think of the term psychedelic drug, what comes to mind? The word for me usually has a very negative connotation, and it comes with images of junkies overdosing on LSD and passing out on a street corner!

But, it also has some intriguing images that come to mind; such as Pink Floyd, rainbows, kaleidoscopes full of random shapes, and visions into different realms of consciousness.

While reading about Ayahuasca before I went to Peru last year, I found that it has been used in South American cultures for thousands of years.

It was a right of passage for many tribes and the medicinal effects on the mind, body, and spirit were allegedly profound. Whoa. Sounds like it would be a pretty unique experience!

But was it an experience I wanted to have?

When I asked friends and colleagues about it, many had very positive stories of how they had a conversation with God, felt the pain of the Universe, and became more loving, empathetic people afterwards!

After reading everything, and listening to the experiences my peers had to share, I checked in with my heart.  Was this something I really wanted to do?

Surprisingly, It was a definite YES!

While in Peru though, the Universe decided that the timing wasn’t right for me to do a ceremony while I was there. However,  I left the door open for a future visit if the Universe decided the timing was right.

Fast forward 6 months later, and I am riding in a Tesla to a remote house out in the wilderness to partake in my very first Ayahuasca experience.


After much anticipation, juicing for 36 hours prior, and fasting the day of the journey, I was excited to call in my experience…

 Continued in part 2

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