How to overcome money problems


Hello my friend!

It’s Matt Ritchey here and today, and I want to talk to you about the equation that is your life.

Specifically money as part of that equation. So, we have things we value in life, we have things that we focus on, we have things that are just by-products of the things that we focus on.  I used think of how to over come money problems as a focal point – something that I had to had, something that I had to earn, something that, you know, made my life complete. And going forward I thought of money as more of a by-product.

When I focused on serving other people, focus on being my best self and I focused on others, money just sort of came as a buy product. And this transformation of how I viewed money has completely transformed my relationship with money.

I used to worry about money, I used to think of scarcity mindset when it came to money. And now, when I think of money it’s much more light feeling, it’s much more a happy feeling, because I know that serving other people and doing things that I value, things that people value from me, that are my strengths, my skills, that money is only a buy product of that.  I don’t have to worry about making money – money just comes to me. So, this equation of your life when you think about it as a holistic pie, money is definitely a part of that pie.

But it’s all on how you transform your thoughts on money and you treat it more as a by-product than as something to go after, something to focus on. So, you look past money and focus on other things: serving clients, being your best self, showing up as a great example in the world. And when you do this, money just sort of attracts into your life and not only you have money, you have fulfilling relationships and all the other great things that go with it. I found that when I focused strictly on money, my relationships suffered, my personal health suffered and my fulfillment was down. So, in transforming the way I looked at money I’ve been able to transform my entire life and really build a holistic life that is more fulfilling for me.

So, for yourself focus on what it is that you do best, focus on providing value, on being your best self and see if  there is an avenue where you can make some money in that – maybe it is on the side, maybe it is a whole career. Whatever it is, give it a shot, because money doesn’t have to be scary, you don’t have to worry about money constantly.

It can be a buy product of who we are and how we serve others. So, I’d love to hear your comments down below and I look forward to see you guys next time.

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