Video: How to increase your power using synergy


In today’s video I want to talk to you about synergy.  So synergy comes from the Greek word, meaning “to come together”.  When two things come together and their mass is bigger than their single parts.

So, one plus one equals three.

Synergy can happen in nature, it happens with people, it happens with people and places. Synergy is everywhere in our world.

So, think about a time, when you worked on a project with somebody and nothing went right, couldn’t get along, couldn’t agree on anything and the product was probably pretty poor.

There’s probably been another time when you worked with somebody on a project where everything clicked. You had the same ideas, and everything went very well – this is synergy. We want to create as much synergy in our lives as we can, so whether it be the people we spend our days with, or the places in which we live.

So, where in your life can you find synergy?

I personally moved to San Diego, because I felt a bond here, it’s been a great synergistic match. You’re having personal relationships, you’re having business relationships, anywhere where there’s people involved – synergy can come into play.

So, next time when you are interviewing a potential employee, or you are just going to work with somebody make sure to see if there’s a synergy there.

See if that person brings out more than you bring to the table yourself. And if you do this will take your creativity, your productivity, everything in your business and your life to the next level.  See how it works with you, leave me some comments in the below and I look forward to see you guys next time.

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