Awesomeness Fest 2013


What is Awesomeness Fest?

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone new, and you automatically feel the connection? Instantly you know that the person is really cool, and will have an impact in your life, even if it is a small ripple.

Those are the people we all want to meet!

We all want to experience more love and intimacy (not JUST the romantic kind either). I know intimacy sounds like a weird word, but by definition it means “a close, familiar, affectionate and/or loving relationship with another.”

Isn’t that what we all really want?

To have close relationships, experience deeper connection and enjoy the presence of our fellow beings?!

If so, then you need to book your ticket for Awesomeness Fest 2014.

I recently got back from Afest (because it’s easier to say Afest and it’s less weird to say around random people), and if you’ve never heard of it don’t worry neither did I until a little over 6 months ago.

I wanted to share with you my experience of this truly amazing event.

This is not your normal gathering at the Marriott like most seminars, it takes place at a 5 star resort at an exotic location. And really, it doesn’t feel like a seminar at all!

This year they had nearly 3,000 people apply to come, and they could only accommodate 350. Everything aligned and I was able to be blessed enough to be invited.

The Awesomeness Fest – Join the Movement!

So here are the top 10 things (in no particular order) I got to experience at my first Afest:

1. Hugs– I experienced roughly 300 hugs in 6 days. And no they weren’t the typical “hug it out, bro” hugs either! As a matter of fact they had a speaker that went over the do’s and don’ts of giving a great hug!

2. Eye contact– Everyone you meet gives you amazing eye contact, and they have a vibrant look in their eye that shines through from their soul. Oh, we did an exercise on eye gazing and giving and receiving compliments too!

3. Speakers– They had the most diverse group of speakers I have ever seen. From world renown breakthrough coach Lisa Nichols, to Astronaut Anousheh Ansari, to SimpleWealth founder Greg Habstritt, to MindValley CEO Vishen Lakhiani….the list goes on and on, here!

4. Attendees– I have never attended a group larger than 50 people that formed this kind of connection before. Everyone is happy, positive and vibrant, not to mention successful! I was thoroughly impressed with everyone I connected with during my time at Afest, and I couldn’t find ONE person that said otherwise!

5. Parties– This alone is worth the trip. They have their own kick ass DJ (much love Sammy!) that brings the beats every night in different locations. This year we went on catamarans and had an ocean swimming party, drove to a mountain top and danced at a 1600’s Spanish style mansion, and dressed up in Carnival to dance and celebrate life, not to mention a pool party, beach party and club.

6. Exotic locations– This year it was in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The 4 previous locations were: Bali, Mexico, Maui and Costa Rica. Having an awesome setting makes the energy that much higher, and besides, who REALLY wants to hang out at a Marriott near LAX after you’re done for the day.

7. Morning Activities– If you want to start your day off right, they bring in world class fitness, yoga and meditation instructors to jump start your morning routine. I got a chance to connect with each of them as well, as all speakers/instructors hang out with us at night!

8. Synergy– You end up talking to some of the most amazing people, and synergy just flows naturally. The conversations get pretty deep, and since everyone is passionate about moving humanity forward in some form or another, you end up with…

9. Life Connections– It sounds crazy, and it is, but every single person I met changed my life in some way. The ripples of which are not even fully realized! I will easily stay connected to at least 50 of the people I met (no joke!) and already have plans to see people in the cities I am traveling to the rest of 2013.

10. Diversity– Over 33 countries were represented this year at Afest. Amongst us we had billionaires, astronauts, Tony award winners, and NY Times best selling authors; not to mention all the great coaches, healers, techies and serial entrepreneurs! This allows us to realize that we are all human, here on this earth together, and creates a oneness that is truly unlike anything I have ever experienced.

The above doesn’t even begin to do the event justice. The energy in person can’t be felt through words or pictures. Like most things in life, we must experience them for ourselves to truly grasp it.

The dates and locations (they are doing 2 per year moving forward) haven’t been released yet, and I have already committed to going. If you want to join me for an unforgettable experience, I will see you there!

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