Video: Productivity Secret, Single Tasking

We all have 24 hours in a day, but how can some people get so much more done than others?

Watch the Video to find out how the New Rich make the most of their time and relationships.

Hey, I want to talk to you about Single Tasking.

So, if you’re like me, my entire life I have been a “multi-tasker”. I would have five things I need to get done in the day and work on them all simultaneously.  I figured the more I can do at once, the faster I’ll get done.

About a year and a half ago, I found single tasking, and it is just like it sounds. You do one thing at a time, have your singular focus, and you are completely present with it.

Now, single tasking can be used in multiple areas in your life. I use it in my thoughts when I meditate, when I am trying to generate ideas. I also use it when I work. So instead of having five goals for the day and taking me eight to nine hours to accomplish them, I pick one at a time and I section them up into  fifty minute intervals of work.  In four or five hours, I was able to accomplish what used to take me eight, nine or ten hours a day. And not only I can accomplish tasks faster, I am more present and more focused on the work so it gives me better results.

Overall the main benefit of single tasking is in my relationships, because in my relationships when I am single tasking, I am completely focused on the present, and when you are engaged with another person, you are able to connect on such a deeper level.

This connection allows more love, more transparency and just a better overall connection in life.  This has been one of the biggest breakthroughs in my world.

I suggest that you pick one of the three ways we talked about:

Your meditation or your personal thoughts – to clear them out just pick one at a time.

Your work – work only on one thing at a time – no email, no instant messenger, no facebook, no nothing; And most importantly, I would recommend you to try with,

Your relationships – whenever you are talking to somebody don’t be checking your phone, don’t be thinking about work, don’t be thinking about anything other than the present moment, really listen to people, In listening is where we can connect the deepest and have the most impact.

Let me know in the comments below how it goes for you and until the next time – have a great day!

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