Short term pleasure or long term fulfillment?

 That macaroni and cheese looks really good.

Those were the words I thought to myself as I stood waiting for the man to take my order.
Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?!


“So what’ll it be?” he says.


I check in with my intuition.

“I’ll have the brussel sprouts,” I said.



This is a decision I used to struggle with.

If this were 5 years ago Matt I would have been more tempted to fall into my deep seeded anchor for comfort food and ordered the macaroni and cheese. But this is 2014 Matt, and I know my body, AND 2 months from now Matt, will thank me.


Of course, I still indulge in pleasures.

Finding that balance is an on going process for us all.


We face these choices every. single. day.

And they affect every area of our life; from relationships, to diet, to exercise, and any long term goal for that matter.

I eat more granola than mac and cheese these days…


We must check in within.

Early and often.


So the question I have for you right now…


What do I have to give up right now that will get me what I really want in the future?


Be with that for a minute, and let me know what YOU are ready to give up.

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Enjoy the now,


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  1. carolyn

    I am willing to give up my ego. Sometimes it’s easier to live a life that follows society’s (or even just your family and friend’s) norms. You know everyone will be much happier; unfortunately, the pain and chaos it causes inside will only tear you apart as you know you are living a lie. It’s hard at times to be completely honest and live a life/make decisions that are outside the norm or even taboo, especially when you know the chances of you being ridiculed are high. Giving up my ego is when I take on challenges knowing I may not meet other people’s expectations but at least I tried. Giving up my ego applies when I open my heart to others, even as friends, knowing they may not be receptive. Giving up my ego is speaking my truth and standing up for myself even when I know it may cause conflict and loss of a relationship. I guess you can say giving up your ego is when you decide to live life not ruled by fear or limitations but rather your own heart and truth.

    1. Matthew Ritchey

      Awesome share Carolyn, thank you!
      I love the last line you wrote: “decide to live life not ruled by fear or limitations, but rather your own heart and truth”
      So powerful!

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