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Short term pleasure or long term fulfillment?

 That macaroni and cheese looks really good.

Those were the words I thought to myself as I stood waiting for the man to take my order.

Who doesn’t love mac and cheese?!


“So what’ll it be?” he says.


I check in with my intuition.

“I’ll have the brussel sprouts,” I said.



This is a decision I used to struggle with.

If this were 5 years ago Matt I would have been more tempted to fall into my deep seeded anchor for comfort food and ordered the macaroni and cheese. But this is 2014 Matt, and I know my body, AND 2 months from now Matt, will thank me.


Of course, I still indulge in pleasures.

Finding that balance is an on going process for us all.


We face these choices every. single. day.

And they affect every area of our life; from relationships, to diet, to exercise, and any long term goal for that matter.


I eat more granola than mac and cheese these days…


We must check in within.

Early and often.


So the question I have for you right now…


What do I have to give up right now that will get me what I really want in the future?


Be with that for a minute, and let me know what YOU are ready to give up.

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Enjoy the now,


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2 thoughts on “Short term pleasure or long term fulfillment?

  1. I am willing to give up my ego. Sometimes it’s easier to live a life that follows society’s (or even just your family and friend’s) norms. You know everyone will be much happier; unfortunately, the pain and chaos it causes inside will only tear you apart as you know you are living a lie. It’s hard at times to be completely honest and live a life/make decisions that are outside the norm or even taboo, especially when you know the chances of you being ridiculed are high. Giving up my ego is when I take on challenges knowing I may not meet other people’s expectations but at least I tried. Giving up my ego applies when I open my heart to others, even as friends, knowing they may not be receptive. Giving up my ego is speaking my truth and standing up for myself even when I know it may cause conflict and loss of a relationship. I guess you can say giving up your ego is when you decide to live life not ruled by fear or limitations but rather your own heart and truth.

    • Awesome share Carolyn, thank you!
      I love the last line you wrote: “decide to live life not ruled by fear or limitations, but rather your own heart and truth”
      So powerful!

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