5 Gifts From Burning Man

I already wrote about my Burning Man experience last week. Check it out here. Since I am STILL getting lessons and transformations a week later, I wanted to share some of the gifts I received already.

Be open to receivingBurning_man_temple

I consider myself a generous person and consistently give to those around me. However, sometimes I have a hard time receiving (coming from a place of UNworthiness). Having never been to this event before I had no idea what to expect or prepare for when it came to giving/receiving. I was BLOWN AWAY at the spirit of giving that is present on the playa. I received a scarf, a necklace, a bracelet, and sunglasses; this is on top of the countless food, water, hugs, and love that I received every single day! My ability to receive on an everyday basis has gone up tremendously after seeing what is possible at Burning Man. How can you receive more in your life?

Get dirty

3 days into my Burning Man experience I took a shower. It wasn’t until 7 days later, after I got to my hotel in Reno, that I took another one. About 4 days after my first shower my mind started to say “It’s been awhile since you’ve showered, you’re dirty, you need to be clean.” Not 5 minutes later I found myself in the middle of a dust storm, dancing with beautiful people at sunset. In this moment I could feel the inner beauty radiating from those around me and I realized that being clean on the outside was a distant second to connecting and having fun in the present moment. I decided that my need to be clean was mostly in my mind and I didn’t want to waste any of my playa time “getting clean!” What activities are you missing out on because of some excuse you made up?

Integrity is the most important thingBurning_man_Love

Being in a committed relationship and going to Burning Man without my partner presented me with numerous opportunities that tested my integrity. It was really amazing to be able to play within the boundaries we set for our relationship and still connect deeply and have an amazing time. I saw lots of nudity, danced, cuddled, gave massages, and even slept next to beautiful women. There were moments when my primal brain wanted to cross the lines of the boundaries we had set, but my integrity kept me from acting on them. Being conscious of our thoughts and 100% accountable for our actions is the only way to truly have an open, transparent relationship that is built on trust. Where have you let integrity slip in your life?

We are powerful manifesters

The energetic exchange of giving and receiving is beautiful thing. This I have known for a long time. What I didn’t fully grasp was that they come from the exact same space. When we are fully giving of ourselves and our energy, we are wide open to receive! When we are in this space and align our thoughts and actions with what we wish to manifest, receiving them comes faster and more easily than I ever imagined. Being in service to others opens the channel for us to receive that which we are most aligned with (not always what we most desire). How can you give more fully of yourself today?

I no longer have FOMOBurning_Man_wedding

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is something one can easily develop at Burning Man. With so many amazing events and people to connect with, it can distract us from the present moment and cloud our judgments when tapping into our intuition. I realized early on that I couldn’t see it all. I decided I would go wherever the moment took me and fully enjoy who I was with and what I was experiencing. Too many times in life we wish we were with someone else or at another place and it takes away from our enjoyment of the here and now! I am making the commitment to be more present and fully engaged (keeping my phone in my pocket) to wherever I am at in that moment. What is stopping you from being fully present in THIS moment?


These are just 5 quick takeaways I wanted to share with you.

It has been a week and I am STILL integrating all the lessons and transformations I experienced at Burning Man. In order to fully “get” what Burning Man is all about you have to experience it for yourself. Do what I did after hearing all the amazing stories last year; mark the dates off on your calendar and commit to going, you won’t be disappointed  🙂


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