How FUN Changed the Way I See the World

This guy knew how to have fun…

It was the last weekend in May, and I just finished another amazing event with Evolution Room crew. At the end of every Threshold event we take on 30 day challenges to move us forward towards something we want to see manifest in our life.

When it came around for me to make a declaration, I closed my eyes, felt into my heart, and softly said,

“I want to have more fun in my everyday life.”

The day we had just finished was filled with water balloon fights, dance parties, and an overall fun vibration, and I wanted to keep that feeling alive!

So as I made this declaration to the Universe, I was flooded with the feeling I get right before something BIG is about to happen.

If I only knew!

During the next 30 days I played basketball, had movie nights with friends, went on a train excursion to LA, toured the Getty Museum, rode electric motorcycles, went paddle boarding with dolphins, went to Mexico and surfed…

Shortly after this picture Flipper and his dolphin friends visited me in the middle of the ocean!
Shortly after this picture Flipper and his dolphin friends visited me in the middle of the ocean!

The list of things I did was nothing short of spectacular, but it wasn’t about what I did during that time that had the most impact on me.

It was the realization that I am a powerful manifestor!

I had told the Universe that I was looking to have more fun in my everyday life, and it opened doors that previously weren’t available to me. It brought people into my life that I didn’t know existed, as well as re-connect me with people from my past. I had people invite me to all sorts of random awesomeness!

Almost every time I told someone about my 30 Days of Fun challenge, they wanted to be a part of it. I was a vortex for fun and I was pulling in people and activities faster than I could handle!

In fact, I had so many opportunities that by the middle of June I started to feel a bit overwhelmed. I mean, I had something fun to do every. single. day!

I know what you’re thinking, first world problems, and you’re right. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people and experiences in my life.

“Too much of a good thing can be just that, too much.”

I felt unbalanced, and began to lose focus on my work. I was spending 90% of my waking hours with other people and it was wearing me out! I consider myself an extroverted person, but even I need time to myself. I needed time alone, away from all the stimulations and distractions that were making me feel like I needed a vacation from having so much fun!

When I finally took time to stop, take a breath, and spend a day alone (on day 24), I realized how starved our world is for fun. It was shocking to me that so many people were craving fun and lacking excitement and connection with others.

This realization was a game changer!

Floating high above the Santa Monica Pier!
Floating high above the Santa Monica Pier!

Since then, I have consciously thought how I can bring more fun into EVERYTHING I do. There is no separation of work and fun for me now. I make my work fun, and make my fun work!

If we look closely we can intentionally inject fun into anything we want to.


Well it’s not about what you do, it’s HOW you do it and WHO you do it with!

Moving forward I am aligning myself with people who know how to have fun, enjoy any activity, and not take life too seriously. This is what the world needs. This is how we transform boredom into productivity, work into play, and life into living.

If you’re wanting more fun in your life, start with what you’re already doing and see how you can inject fun into it. Then surround yourself with people who share your affinity for life and see what happens!

My name is Matt Ritchey, and I am addicted to fun   🙂