Cannabis Chronicles Part 3

Once I had made the commitment to fully own my creator status, I realized something: The more value I added to the world, the more value the world added to my life! As a consumer, I was always taking more than I gave, and it created an imbalance in my life. When I made the […]


Cannabis Chronicles Part 2

When I first began using cannabis we would just take a hit from a bong, watch funny YouTube videos, and walk around my neighborhood laughing and enjoying the effects. The effects for me were as follows: -Heightened sensory acuity -Deep present moment awareness -Time slowing down -Powerful feelings of empathy -Universal perspective -Strong yearning to uncover life’s […]


The Cannabis Chronicles Part 1

We had been hiking for hours and hadn’t seen a single soul when we reached the top of the lookout. With sweat soaking my back, I laid my hiking pack on the ground. The view was beautiful. With my friend standing next to me, I thought “how does it get any better than this?!” As […]


Video Interview: How To Build Wealth With Your Story, by Hawk Mikado

GET READY FOR THE 30 DAY BEST LIFE CHALLENGE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE In this interview, dive into the mind of Hawk Mikado.  In this powerful video we discuss YOUR story and how you can use it to build wealth and attract more business.  Entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs won’t want to miss this one. Click Here […]


Video Interview: Clearing Old Emotions Keeping You Stuck, with Nick Breau

GET READY FOR THE 30 DAY BEST LIFE CHALLENGE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE Nick Breau, breakthrough specialists has dedicated his life to helping you clear your old “stuff” that is keeping you stuck in old behavior patterns.  According to Nick, clearing out this old, stuck energy, or “stuff” can help you attract new relationships, new […]


Video Interview with Somatic Therapist Eric Sjoberg

GET READY FOR THE 30 DAY BEST LIFE CHALLENGE! CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.   In this video Matt dives in DEEP with Eric Sjoberg Somatic Therapist. They cover how to free and resolve old patterns that are keeping you stuck in unfulfilling, energy draining relationships. Take advantage of Eric’s special offer for Matt’s readers: Eric Sjoberg 90 […]